The Bear's White Wines


Riesling — from old-growth vines (over twenty-eight years old), crisp and clean, with green apple overtones, award-winning every time. Ask for our Riesling Chicken recipe!

Gewurztraminer — successfully grown in our vineyard for over twenty years, although attempted by few in Virginia. Spicy, off-dry, compliments Thai, Mexican dishes.

Traminette — Our only hybrid, parents are Gewurztraminer and American grape. Somewhat like Gewurztraminer, slightly off-dry, with clean finish.

Big Bear White — popular blend of Riesling and Traminette, with clean, smooth, green apple taste. Paired with corn chowder at our Annual Soup ‘n Sip events.

Equinox — a meritage from our three white grapes—Riesling, Gewurztraminer, and Traminette. A favorite dessert wine or anytime.


The Bear’s Red Wines

Big Bear Red — This award-winning wine is a blend of Cabernet Franc and a touch of our whites, for a lighter, but dry, red wine. The Wall Street Journal suggests serving these light, red wines chilled as well as at room temperature. Makes a great burger even better.

Solstice — Chambourcin, aged in stainless steel tanks, is a hit as an alternative to the barrel-aged Cabnernet Franc. Each bottle is uniquely painted by local artist, Hazel Bowers, with themes from around Blue Ridge Vineyard. Pasta and Solstice were meant for each other.

Cabernet Franc — Aged over two years in oak barrels from Minnesota, blended with 3% Petit Verdot. The judges like it, hope you do too! Even a small filet mignon seems like a banquet with this Cab.

Pinot Noir — Ageless vines sometimes produce a memorable Pinot Noir, which is sold immediately, often to folks who would like to buy the whole barrel. We’ll post information on the web whenever we release a vintage.

Sweet Shiloh — Semi-sweet blend of reds and whites, a favorite with many. Sit in the barn with butter cookies sipping Sweet Shiloh on a summer’s day and all is well.